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amzi focus israel

supports Messianic Jews and Christian Arabs and theirs nongovernmental organisations (NGO)

promotes Reconciliation and the witness of the Jewish Messiah

informs about the Messianic movement and the situation in the Middle East.


„amzi focus israel“ promotes the witness of the Gospel to Jews and Arabs. We want to raise awareness of this work by providing regular prayer requests and news updates. We support brothers and sisters in Israel, Palestinian territories in making Jesus, the biblical Messiah, known to their own people.


Up-to-date reports can be found in our periodical „focus israel“ in German or in our weekly Prayer Mail in German, English, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian, Japanese (order through gebet[at]


We also help to find a place for volunteers in Israel.


amzi was founded as an association in St. Chrischona (Bettingen near Basel) in 1968, and in Germany in 1985. The members of the Governing Board are from different churches. The work is supported by prayer and donations. amzi forms part of the St. Chrischona Union and has contact with many other churches and organisations. Through its membership of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism, amzi enjoys regular exchanges with other groups and people world-wide. amzi is a member of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance.


amzi focus israel - Vision since 1837

amzi is part of “Pilgermission [pilgrim mission] St. Chrischona”. Our special concern is to serve our brothers and sisters in the Middle East through prayer and financial support. This vision began at the very beginning of our denomination. In 1837, Chrischona sent somebody to the Middle East to find out whether it was possible to build a colony to go and share the Gospel with the people of the Middle East. This turned out to be impossible due to the political situation. When this changed in 1840, Chrischona sent the second and third student of its newly founded theological education institution to Palestine. Their names: Conrad Schick and Ferdinand Palmer. Together with other brothers who followed they tried to survive, though life was very hard and supplies from Europe were insufficient. In the end, they all had to join other organizations.


Though Chrischona didn’t have the money, they sent people with a great impact to the Land.

Conrad Schick was the architect of New Jerusalem and got an honorary doctor’s degree from the University of Tübingen (Germany) for his archaeological research.


Ludwig Schneller was the builder of the biggest orphanage for Arabic children.


Johannes Frutiger developed the biggest retail business (C.F. Spittler & Cie.) in the Middle East and made emigration to Palestine more attractive. He was the founder of a bank and financed the building projects of Conrad Schick as well as the railroad to Jerusalem. Together with Conrad Schick he constructed Mea Shearim, Menachem Yehuda and other important buildings.


Christoph Hoffmann and the Templers had a relation to Chrischona too, though they evolved in a different theological direction.


There was even an Apostle road, which started in Jerusalem, to take the Gospel through Ethiopia to all Africa. Martin Flad from Chrischona founded the Messianic movement within the Falasha in Ethiopia.


The men’s selfless service helped develop the infrastructure in the Middle East. The impulses for this came from Basel, where already in 1812 a Jewish school was founded to teach Jewish children on the initiative of Christian Friedrich Spittler and others.


If projects or ministries already do exist, it is characteristic for Chrischona to cooperate with them. That is the same today; Chrischona has connections to different denominations all over the world. In Israel and the neighbouring territories, amzi networks with all brothers and sisters, both Messianic Jews and Christian Arabs. It’s our concern to build bridges between the different traditions to live our faith. In his last prayer, Jesus prayed for unity in Christ, the Messiah. I am committed to esteem one another in love and respect. There is only one Messiah: Yeshua, Jesus, the Jewish Messiah.


Acts 15 is a special challenge for all of us. Do we have the greatness to allow ourselves to express our faith in different traditions and ways? Theologically, we have to go back to this point. We have the freedom to live our faith in our Jewish or non Jewish traditions without denying the other his freedom as unbiblical. The challenge is to respect the different traditions and consider them as enrichment.


God Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one. Nothing the Son does is contrary to the Father and the Holy Spirit. The same, everything the Holy Spirit does is in accordance to the Father and the Son. We as human beings can hardly imagine this unity. Even as a very good married couple, we will have dissensions now and then. God is different. He is one. This unity is the picture, which touches me and which Jesus’ prayer was all about. Are we ready to be one in the spirit even if the outer appearance is different? We understand our ministry as part of this vision. We would like to connect people from Europe and from the Middle East, Christian Arabs and Messianic Jews. This unity is our God’s desire.


We as amzi pray and support our brothers and sisters and motivate others to pray for them as well. We do this through writing about their concerns in our magazine and in our weekly prayer e-mail, which is translated into German, English, French, Russian, Italian, Hungarian and Japanese. We also translate and mail several newsletters of different ministries and publish our own magazine every second months.


We are grateful for everyone who shares this vision and cooperates with us. It’s not our job to start ministries in our own name, but to support existing ministries. This kind of ministry is unusual to a lot of people, but that’s our vision.


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